Career guidance at ROB

How to apply for a training position at ROB

A career guidance programme is part of the curriculum at general secondary schools and prepares students for making their choice of career. It introduces young people to the world of employment and gives them the opportunity to gain a realistic picture of work in selected fields and their personal abilities in this respect.

An internship at ROB provides fascinating insight into the workings of a successful modern high-tech company. Interns receive an impression of working conditions, social relationships and structures within working life, and can get a clear impression of the requirements, opportunities and prospects for development in their potential career. The career guidance programme generally takes one to two weeks.

Internships at ROB

Depending on your personal ambitions and our current openings, we offer commercial or technical internships as your introduction to a career:

  • Commercial Internship
    On your commercial internship you may join one of the following departments: Purchasing, Invoicing, HR, Sales, Warehouse/Shipping. You gain an interesting picture of key operational processes, experience how they work together, and experience typical duties in these departments, to find out what requirements and qualifications are necessary for each area.
  • Technical Internship
    Check out your manual skills and understanding of technical issues in a technical internship. In one of our production departments, you gain interesting insights into the typical fields of activity and tasks of skilled workers, and thus form an impression of the requirements for industrial/technical careers in an industrial company.

What about support during the internship?

Whichever internship you choose or whichever department you are assigned to, we provide you with an experienced mentor as your contact for all questions, who makes introductions and gives specialist advice.

What happens afterwards?

A short internship to 'test the waters' of a career and experience the world of work can grow into something more: interested and suitable candidates can join a qualified vocational training course at ROB.


Send your application (letter giving your name, address and telephone number) to:

ROB Cemtrex GmbH
Human Resources
Am Wolfsbaum 1
75245 Neulingen

or send an e-mail to: job(at)

Any questions?

We look forward to hearing from you at any time and wish you every success!